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Children’s Hospital “Party Down” Review

Tonight’s “Party Down” episode of Childrens Hospital was as hilarious and random as always. Here’s my recap of tonight’s episode:

The hospital is being overrun with sick Jewish teenagers, when bad salmon was served at Bar Mitzvahs all over town. Since it’s Dr. Blake’s day off, Dr. Valerie states, “There’s only one man who can handle a situation this Jewish,” and calls upon Dr. Glenn for help. However, he tells her that he was never Bar Mitzvah’d and is still only 12 years old, according to Jewish law. So Sy and Valerie agree to organize his Bar Mitzvah.

When Owen hears about about this, he tells Chief and Nurse Kulap he would never have his foreskin cut. They clear up the difference between a Bris and a Bar Mitzvah, and explain that most women find an untouched foreskin way more “masculine & sexy.” Owen quickly admits to being circumcised, and asks the Chief to uncircumcise him “A. S. A. Penis.” Chief tells him she will need his original clippings in order to perform the procedure.

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Recap/Review of Childrens Hospital – “The Night Shift” – 8/11/11

Childrens Hospital

As I was typing up my recap of this week’s Childrens Hospital episode, I realized just how wacky and crazy this show sounds when it is written down!

In last week’s episode, “Munch by Proxy,” we met the secret wife of Dr. Owen Maestro, played by Alicia Silverstone. I think it is great (and appropriate for this show), that we just now—almost at the end of the third season—discover that Dr. Owen is married and has a child! At the end of the episode, we see her being taken away by the cops for, literally, eating her baby.

For those of you reading this who have never seen Childrens Hospital before, yes, the show is as strange and wacky as it sounds, but it is equally hilarious! While each episode is only 11 minutes long (including credits), this series manages to squeeze in more laughs than a typical sitcom twice as long. However, due to the short length, the recap below does go into great detail.

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