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Interview with Affion Crockett from In the Flow

I got to speak recently with Affion Crockett, comedian and actor, about his new show on FOX called In the Flow with Affion Crockett. He really put me at ease, and it was very easy to see that he loves what he’s doing and really wants everyone to give it a shot, even if they don’t think it’s their type of show. I saw the pilot before the interview, and I was one of those people. I went into it not expecting to enjoy it, but I really did—so much more than I thought I would. It is very funny, and Affion himself is fantastic. Read on to see what he had to say about how the show came about, why he thinks you should watch, and more!

Jenny: I watched the pilot this morning, and I really, really enjoyed it.

Affion Crockett: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Jenny: How did the show come about? How did you get involved?

Affion: I…It’s one of my brain children, if you will. I was on a show called Wild ‘N Out on MTV with Nick Cannon; it was a Whose Line Is It Anyway, but in a hip-hop fashion. We had so many wide ranges of depth on there, from Steve-O to Brooke Hogan to Snoop Dogg to Jim Jones, so… Being on that show allowed me to do a lot of characters within the improv game we were playing, but I never got a chance to present the characters in a way that I wanted to, so what I did was, after the show ended, I went to YouTube and just started producing my own videos, where I could actually dress up as Jay-Z and actually do a real video—a parody video—or Chris Rock, or whoever. So once we did that, I got a huge following on YouTube. I packaged up the videos, and me and my partner, Carl Jones from the Boondocks, went to the network, and we shot the show, and they loved it. They loved the idea, and they were willing to take a chance on us.
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