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Interview with Alexandra Chando from The Lying Game

The Lying Game is an all new show based on the books by Sara Shepherd (same writer as Pretty Little Liars), and it’s premiering tonight at 9/8c on ABC Family. This show is full of drama, humour, and mystery—quickly putting it on many must see lists.

The adorable star of the show, Alexandra Chando, sat down for a conference call with reporters recently to help us all get ready for the series premiere. Let’s see what she had to say about playing twins, the books, and the show in general.

About playing dual roles and the challenges that come with that

Alexandra Chando: Of course. It’s first a blessing, first of all, to just have the opportunity to play two roles. To be able to develop two characters and kind of find different things about them and explore them each and every day has been incredible. It does come with its challenges, though. I have 15-hour work days and I’m working an awful lot compared to what I would be working if I was just playing one character.

It’s a challenge in the sense, besides the hours and the exhaustion, just trying to keep them straight sometimes. We’re about to embark on Episode 6. Today, we start it. it’s gotten a little bit easier to really feel like these characters and understand them, but there are moments where a little bit of Sutton will creep into Emma and vice versa. It’s definitely been a challenge and I’d say, as well, having to act with a green screen or an eye line with an X on the wall has become easier, but it was definitely in a challenge in the beginning.

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