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Interview with Alphonso McAuley & Executive Producer Adam Goldberg from Breaking In

I recently got the chance to talk to Alphonso McAuley (who plays Cash) and Executive Producer Adam Goldberg, from FOX’s newest hit comedy, Breaking In. Both were so much fun to talk to (& listen to!). Alphonso obviously loves his character and the show, and Adam seems like exactly who you would think was behind the crazy fun that is this new show. They answered questions about Alphonso’s character, the rest of the cast, and tonight’s Comic-Con Goonies themed episode. Check out the great questions & answers below!

On what Alphonso likes best about playing Cash, and how much like his character he is

Alphonso McAuley: Let’s see. I like that Cash is quirky and he’s a nerd, and also he’s a Fanboy. Those three things are pretty cool because they’re different from other characters that I’ve played before. And so I kind of – I get to have fun with that you know.

And I would say probably about – yes, somewhat like Cash because I have a few figurines, a few comic books, things like that.

Adam Goldberg: Go on. Tell them about your Legos. Tell them about your Star Wars Legos. Tell the right now.

Alphonso: I do have some Star Wars Legos, and used to have some Superman briefs. Those were pretty cool, but they just – those got worn out, and I don’t know. I’m looking for some new – I got to get some like Chewbacca briefs or something. Or like – or maybe like a Han Solo – like an ascot or something like that. That’d be nice.

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