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If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/5/14

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday, because that means we’re halfway through the week—and it’s been a long one, so I’m already ready for the weekend. There’s been some great TV on this week, though, so that’s a good thing. The good TV continues tonight, so check out our recommendations. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

menatwork35smallLast week’s Men at Work was great. The guys tried to help Neal make contact with a woman after meeting her in a bar—and promptly letting her go after having a major flirting moment with her. They found out she was going to “Molly’s” party, but they ended up at two different parties—both of which turned out to involve molly…otherwise known as extacy. Without realizing it, the guys all ingested some drugs of one kind or another: extacy & marijuana. It was so much fun watching how out of it they were. In the end, Neal met another girl at the party, and they really hit it off. Here’s to hoping they’ll be good for a while. Neal’s too sweet to be as sad as he was.

On tonight’s episode, “Suburban Gibbs,” Jude warns Gibbs that dating a girl from the suburbs is more dangerous than it seems. Tyler and Milo’s friendship is tested when Tyler offers to cover Milo’s share of the rent. It’s a Las Vegas reunion for James Lesure, as Molly Sims is guest starring!

See why Gibbs could be in trouble tonight on TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Melissa & Joey, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, Psych, Mixology, CSI, Chicago PD, & Wahlburgers.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/13/14

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to secure a 4-day pass for San Diego Comic-Con, so I’ll be attending the show for my fifth year in a row. The rest of this week has been pretty slow—I knew that the primetime TV lineup would be a bit lighter during the Olympics, but I didn’t expect it to be a ghost town! The one good thing is that it has given me some time to make some progress on a large pile of Blu-rays I need to review. If you’re not watching the Olympics, then we’ve got some other suggestions for you to check out tonight.

Kyle’s Choice

houseofcardstop102013smallTonight at midnight, Netflix will release the 13-episode second season of the hit original series, House of Cards. I was pleasantly surprised by the series last year. I had waited for Netflix to release it on Blu-ray before I watched, and then I pretty much watched it non-stop, completing the entire season in one weekend. The series follows congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his ambitious wife Claire (Robin Wright) as they ruthlessly manipulate those in power in Washington, D.C. as they make their way to the top. As the first season came to a close, Frank had managed to convince the current VP to step down and run for governor of Pennsylvania. The President then asked him to fill the vacancy.

Will Underwood actually become the VP, or will the President change his mind? Will the press figure out the truth about what Underwood has been up to or about his involvement in Russo’s death? Who or what will Underwood set his sights set on next? Will this cockroach ever get what’s coming to him? I can’t wait to see where the series goes next.

On the season opener, “Chapter 1,” allegiances are abandoned after a promise is broken.

Check out all thirteen episodes starting tonight on Netflix at 12AM/11PMc.

I’ll also be watching/recording Rake and King of the Nerds.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/13/13

I always love Wednesday because it means we’re at the halfway point of the week. Plus, there’s always great stuff on, and tonight is no exception. So check out what we think you should be watching. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

hotincleveland213smallI’m kind of sad because tonight is the winter finale of Hot in Cleveland and the season finale of Happily Divorced. This season has been great for both shows. The ladies in Cleveland have been going through changes in their personal lives, and it’s been fun to watch. And Fran has been dealing with her new fiance being overseas for work while fighting her atrraction to her sexy neighbor. I have a feeling at last the relationships on Happily Divorced will be changing on tonight’s episode, but I guess we’ll see!

happilydivorced213smallOn tonight’s episode of Hot in Cleveland, “What Now, My Love?” Elka tries to impress her boyfriend Pierre’s grandson by helping him with his “Flat Stanley” project. Meanwhile, Victoria questions whether her relationship with Emmett is over now that her movie is done filming. Melanie wonders where her relationship with Alec is going. Joy uncovers something mysterious about Elka during her new internship.

Then on Happily Divorced, “For Better or For Worse,” Fran follows up a startling encounter with her neighbor with an unannounced trip to London to visit her fiancé, Elliot, but she’s the one who’s in for a surprise. Joan Collins, Colin Ferguson, Harry Van Gorkum, and D.W. Moffett guest star.

Don’t miss the fun tonight on TV Land at 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hot in Cleveland & Happily Divorced @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Guys with Kids, The Neighbors, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, The Americans, Bobby’s Dinner Battle, Chicago Fire, CSI, & Top Chef.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/30/13

Happy hump day!! Halfway through the week, and I hope this week is flying by for you. We’ve had a lot of snow and freezing rain here, causing my daughter’s buses to be cancelled—it’s been fun. 😉 Now, as the children sleep and I finally get some down time, I’m ready to kick back and watch some TV. Let’s see what’s on.

Megan’s Choice

americanidol2013smallAmerican Idol has been the butt of many jokes lately—especially with its revolving door of judges. However, the one thing I have to say is that Nicki Minaj is not as bad as I was expecting. In fact, her comment about making a suit out of someone because she loved them so much was odd and amusing. Is it just me, or does Mariah Carey seem to be eating almost all the time on the show? It’s crazy. Randy is his usual “dawg” self, while Keith seems to balance out the crazy at the table quite well.

Here are my pet peeves: Nicki Minaj looks plastic—no matter what she has on or what make up she’s wearing, she ALWAYS looks like a doll. Not a pretty doll either… A creepy, plasticy Barbie. I thought I was going to like the tension between Mariah and Nicki, but it’s not funny; it’s just annoying. It is indeed possible that I will quit watching after the crazy audition process. Then again, I’m a sucker for punishment, so we shall see. Regardless, this is a show that doesn’t involve too much thinking, and at least you can laugh at all the special people . 🙂 (Paste, anyone?)

On tonight’s episode, “Auditions #5,” with the end of the audition process looming, the judges hope to find more talent before moving on to the next round in Hollywood. At the latest stop in San Antonio, the judges work to find more unique talent before auditions conclude.

To see the good, the bad, and the plastic, tune into FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of American Idol @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU, Suburgatory, Arrow, and The Americans.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/16/13

Mid-way through the week, and thank goodness, my kiddo is back at school. Antibiotics work wonders. Suffice it to say, I’m WAY behind on TV. But that’s okay. I’ll catch up. Of course, all the new episodes tonight won’t help lessen my load, but I can’t help but be happy because there’s some great stuff on. To see what we think you should be watching tonight, read on. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

I just got turned on to Top Chef with the last season of Top Chef Masters, and I’m angry with myself that I hadn’t watched it until that point. The show is everything I love in a cooking competition—especially since there is a little less pompous attitude & cattiness on this one than a lot of them. Chefs in general are kind of pompous. But at least on this show, it doesn’t take over for most of them. I’m pretty happy with the eliminations so far, and I can’t wait to see the challenges & who goes home tonight. Tonight should be fun because I haven’t seen the “Restaurant Wars” episode of the show, so I’m excited to see what it’s like.

On tonight’s episode, “Restaurant Wars,” it’s men versus women in this week’s episode, as the cheftestants go into Restaurant Wars with the hopes of impressing world-renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer. Relationships are tested as restaurants are built from scratch, and each team must try to overcome the destructive mistakes of one of their fellow chefs. Emeril Lagasse and Gail Simmons join head judge Tom Colicchio and host Padma Lakshmi.

Watch the 75-minute exciting new episode tonight on Bravo at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Top Chef @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Neighbors, Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Bobby’s Dinner Battle, CSI, Hot in Cleveland, & Happily Divorced.
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