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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/6/13

Welcome back, everyone! We hope everyone had a great couple of weeks and enjoyed the holidays. Did you get caught up on all the shows crowding your DVR? We did. Something like eight episodes of Person of Interest and six of Elementary in addition to odds and ends…we cut it down to only 35 recordings. Woohoo. *laugh* Of course, this week starts back with a lot of new TV, which means it’ll fill again pretty quickly. But that’s okay…it just means we’ll have plenty to watch! So check out what we all think you should be watching or recording to fill up your time tonight. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

Two of my favorite people to watch on the Food Network (& in her case, on her show on ABC) are Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri. I know RR annoys some people, but I love her. 😀 Last season, Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off was incredibly fun to watch. I couldn’t decide who to root for most of the time, but I loved that Lou Diamond Phillips won, and Coolio shocked the heck out of me with how good he was. This season will hopefully be just as much fun, and there are definitely some characters this time around! Chilli (from the group TLC), Cornelia Guest, Dean McDermott, and figure skater Johnny Weir are Team Guy, and Carnie Wilson, Hines Ward, Kathy Najimy, and Gilbert Gottfried are Team Rachael.

On tonight’s premiere, “The Show Must Go On,” the teams must cook a prix fixe menu for a dinner theater and perform a skit for the patrons. (A prix fixe menu is simply a collection of pre-determined items presented as a multi course meal at a set price.)

Don’t miss the competition tonight on Food Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off @ Clicker.
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