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Bottom Ten Shows of 2011

As you saw yesterday, we posted our Top Ten Shows of 2011 list. We had a good number of shows in common, and our top picks were The Glades, Once Upon a Time, and Breaking Bad. What do you think we put on our Bottom Ten Shows of 2011 list? Check it out below!

Bottom 10

Jenny's Choice: Survivor
Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out. Who was left?


Pete and Repeat...

You get the idea.
Megan's Choice: Private Practice
I used to love this show, but I feel like it's lost its track the past few seasons. Now, there isn't the right balance of comedy and drama. Addison is never happy. I think there's less happiness on this show than there is on Grey's Anatomy. Should have kept Off the Map on the air instead.
Kyle's Choice: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
What a huge disappointment. I am a big fan of the original series, and this was just terrible. It completely failed to capture the feel and magic of the original show. The team didn't really work well together, and I had no vested interest in them. I was glad to see it go before it further tarnished the reputation of the original.

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