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Bottom Ten Shows of 2012

As you saw yesterday, we posted our Top Ten Shows of 2012 list. We had a good number of shows in common, and our top picks were Castle, Bones, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. What do you think we put on our Bottom Ten Shows of 2012 list? Check it out below!

Bottom 10

Jenny's Choice: Take It All
Kyle was shocked that I was including Take It All on my Bottom 10 list. I did enjoy the show—although sometimes, Howie Mandel can get a bit annoying—but really, all the show did was make me realize two things: One) In general, people suck. They are greedy and won't hesitate to lie their asses off if it suits their purpose; Two) I can never ever go on a game show like this one because I would get my ass handed to me. I would believe every lie that came out of my competitor's mouth and they would walk off with all my money because I would want to be honest and go home with my money while letting them go home with theirs. It irritated me that one time out of six, the people both told the truth and both walked off with a lot of money. Five out of six times, someone cried, lied, and weaseled their way into the other player's heart and trust to win the money—although one of those five times, both players lied and both went home with nothing. Bah! LOL
Megan's Choice: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
I almost feel guilty admitting I've watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and found myself caught up in the drama and goofiness of the show. It's horrible. This show is a disgrace to the intelligence of the average person... It's so bad, it makes the everyday redneck seem sophisticated. Overall, it's a waste of time and should be off televisions everywhere.
Kyle's Choice: Cheap Imitation Reality Shows
This past year, there were quite a few low-quality imitation reality shows. Escape Routes (rip-off of The Amazing Race) felt like that free ad-sponsored version of the app you get for your smartphone: it was a 6-hour ad for the Ford Escape (as well as other products). Glass House (rip-off of Big Brother) had a few good aspects, but only having a single episode a week and its reliance on watching a daily live web show made it worthless. And finally, there was Redneck Island (rip-off of Survivor), in which the contestants sit around on beach chairs, are well fed, and write their evictions down on beer cozies. (And if I had a few more to add to the list, they would be the horrible Rob Schneider comedy ¡Rob!, as well as two shows that had interesting concepts but just ended up being pretty boring: The Mob Doctor and Alcatraz.)

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