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Interview with Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Brecking Meyer from Franklin & Bash

Recently, Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer, the stars of Franklin & Bash, spoke to the press about the new season, what the changes to the firm mean for their characters’ partnership & “process”—not to mention their love lives. Check out what they had to say.

On how Stanton’s changes & the addition of Rachel to the firm will affect them

fandbcall619asmallBreckin Meyer: I think with the addition of Rachel it is basically, you know, Stanton always had this kind of blind threat to us, which was about the New York office, and I think by bringing Rachel in he really has – I mean he’s gotten a little close to us and he – it doesn’t hurt to have somebody behind him, or next to him, who really doesn’t like us.

And I truthfully think Rachel genuinely – she knows we’re good at our jobs, but I don’t think she likes us very much, as opposed to Malcolm who really does. And Stanton really does enjoy Jared and Peter. It reminds him of himself.

And Rachel is much more of a corporate shill where she does not like them, doesn’t like the way they do business, and they if they can bring in good clients she’ll tolerate them. But I think it actually helps Malcolm’s character keep a tighter leash on us by having Rachel around and by having Rachel in his hip pocket, so to speak.
Jump with me to read Mark-Paul’s response about the changes & Rachel, as well as everything else the guys had to say. Continue reading

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