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TV News – 11/11/10

This week is thankfully flying by. I hope you are all having a great week and looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Let’s talk a look at the news for today shall we?

AMC has decided not to renew Rubicon for a second season. The show had a fabulous and talented cast, however the ratings simply did not equal out to enough for the network. For example, The Walking Dead has been bringing in ratings in the 5 million range while Rubicon was staying around 1 million since it’s premiere. Farewell Rubicon. Source

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/7/10

It’s the start of another week, and whether you are looking forward to the week or not, if you’re a TV fan, you have to be excited for the start of a new week of shows. I know I am! Some of my favorites are on this week, including the return of Burn Notice (my favorite show!) on Thursday, so this is an especially good week (although having the CMA Awards on Wednesday means no comedies on ABC!).

Joining us this week to get a guy’s perspective is Jethro from Zap2It. He’s always got great things to say over there, so we’re excited to have him with us this week. You can catch him there or on his Twitter (@TheRealJethro), and this week, you can read what he thinks you should watch each night. Now, on to our recommendations!

Jethro’s Choice

I’m Jethro Nededog (@TheRealJethro), a writer/reporter at Zap2It. I’m really honored to have been asked to join TVIsMyPacifier.com’s team for the “If We Controlled Your Remote” daily feature for the upcoming week! A little insight into to me: I’m fairly new to the TV blogging game. Before joining Zap2it fulltime, I wrote for the LATimes.com Show Tracker and I was a TV feature writer for Metromix.com. Up until a year ago, I professionally blogged alongside my “day job” as a fulltime writer/producer for nonfiction TV. My work can be seen on E!, The TV Guide Channel, History, Discovery and the National Geographic Channel. While my TV taste has a wide range, expect me to suggest a lot of “guilty pleasures” and “sudsy scripted drama.”

While I’ll also be watching two great addictions for me, Showtime’s Dexter and Bravo’s near-perfect series of their popular franchise, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, my heart goes to ABC’s Brothers & Sisters tonight.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/31/10

Happy Halloween to all our readers! However you celebrate, I hope you have a safe and happy one! Besides being Halloween, today is the start of a new week for TV, and even though it’s a bit slower because of baseball and the election on Tuesday, there’s still plenty on, and that makes me a very happy TV viewer.

This week, we have another guest poster with us for the Remote posts. Everyone welcome Jason from TVaholic.com. He’s got some great things to say each night, so enjoy! Also, be sure and check out his site and follow him on Twitter. Now, on to our picks!

Jason’s Choice

Hi, my name is Jason and I’m @theTVaholic. Primetime scripted TV is my addiction, but one that allows me to help others pacify their TV needs with recommendations for what to watch on TV each night at TVaholic.com. Having to narrow it down to one pick each night will be tough, but I am looking forward to joining Jenny, Lisa, and Megan this week in directing you to the best in primetime, “If We Controlled Your Remote…”

As I noted, picking one show is hard and tonight there is lots of good stuff to choose from, like the debut of AMC’s The Walking Dead. While everything I’ve heard and the little I’ve seen point to it being well worth your time, I’m going to go with Dexter tonight.

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TV News – 10/12/10

I would say happy Tuesday but that would mean I’m actually in a good mood… and despite an awesome episode of Glee I am not. If I could breathe out of my nose, I might feel a bit chipper, but alas no such luck. Let’s look at some news to brighten my day and yours.

Richard Chamberlain (The Thom Birds, Leverage), is going to be doing a guest arc on Brothers & Sisters. Chamberlain will be playing “someone who comes back from Saul’s past and complicates things for him in ways he can’t expect.” Every one loves some drama, and I’m all for Saul having a nice complicated love triangle aren’t you?Source

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