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Interview with Bruce Campbell from Burn Notice

Recently, Bruce Campbell spoke with the press about the Burn Notice prequel movie that airs tonight on USA at 9/8c, called Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe. It was directed by BN’s own Jeffrey Donovan, and takes place five years before the series itself started.

Check out some of the great questions & answers!

On what it was like shooting in Columbia

Columbia was challenging, but therefore authentic. You know, because the story actually takes place there. Normally what happens in Hollywood is they say it takes place in Columbia and they shoot it in Burbank, California.

So it was kind of refreshing to go to the actual place. But as a result it was very difficult.

In Bogota, Columbia it’s about 65 degrees on average down to about 50 at night. So they’re near the equator but they are at 8600 feet. So they have a strange sameness about their weather. So it actually was not that – no, so it was not Miami at all even though we’re near the equator.

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Interview with Bruce Campbell & Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice

I got to speak to Bruce Campbell (Sam) and Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona) from USA Network’s Burn Notice yesterday. They seemed to have a great time chatting about the show and enjoyed speaking with the press. Here are some of the great questions and answers from that call. Don’t miss the mid-season premiere tonight on USA at 10/9c, too!

We’ve seen Sam with some lovely ladies on his arm in the past couple of seasons. Is there any chance for you to get a love interest again, Bruce?

Bruce: Yes, where have all the ladies gone? I mean, it’s like, I’m fighting Michael Westen’s stupid missions the whole time, Sam doesn’t even, you know, he’s like this old geezer that they yank back into service and he’s like, “Wait, I was having a good time.” So I don’t know, I think he’s just kind of back in the fold now. And Burn Notice is actually…

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