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Interview with Candace Cameron Bure from Make It or Break It

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to interview Candace Cameron Bure, and let me just say that she is wonderful. Candace was really down to earth and sweet. I loved how someone came to her door while we were interviewing her, really proving how she lives her daily life just like the rest of us. We discussed her role as Summer on Make It or Break It, a little about her faith, and even touched on her days on Full House.

Make It or Break It returns on January 4th, with all new episodes and it appears that Summer is going to be taking a more prominent role in the show. Check out another interview here, to see what I’m referring to. (Warning: Interview does contain spoilers.)

I’ll let you know which questions were mine and maybe give some feedback on answers, but overall, just read and enjoy! 😀 Continue reading

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