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Interview with Carter MacIntyre from Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is one of those shows that always has me laughing and tearing up in the same episode. It’s going to be a change of pace with a new guardian angel in town, but Carter MacIntyre, who plays Luke, is very worth your time.

Recently, he took some time to chat with us about his character, the show, and himself in general, so let’s see what this talented guy had to say.

On how Luke compares to Fred

Carter: I would say in a very kind of general way they’re almost polar opposites. I think Fred was naïve and kind of overwhelmed at times by the ways of earth and what it takes to kind of be a human, whereas Luke jumps ahead full force and goes after what he wants, isn’t afraid to speak his mind, has a lot of confidence, and just really enjoys everything that life has to offer. He’s kind of hedonistic in a weird way, which is pretty much the opposite, I think, of Fred, who was kind of more like a lost boy. I think Luke is just a man who’s trying to milk life for everything that it’s worth.
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