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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/6/11

Happy Halloween! Well, at least it is today for many Massachusetts towns after last weekend’s disastrous Nor’easter that left many (including me) without power for 4 days! I have been madly trying to catch up on all the TV shows I missed last week, so it’s a good thing we got that extra hour today! We are now in the midst of November sweeps, and that means primetime is going to be loaded with new episodes and specials, and tonight’s another packed line-up!

Kyle’s Choice

The Walking Dead has become my new appointment show for Sundays. I really look forward to it each week! Last week, we discovered what a horrible person Shane could be, shooting Otis so that the zombies would have a distraction to feast on and he could get away. Meanwhile, Carl still struggled to hold onto life while awaiting the medical supplies needed to remove the remaining bullet fragments. It seems like Shane’s guilt is starting to overcome him, and I wonder what kind of karmic payback is in his future, especially if the others discover what he did to Otis. Maybe he should just run off with Andrea, who also seems to be losing her grasp on reality, due to the loss of her sister! Will Carl survive, and when is the group going to give up on finding Sophia?! How could this little girl possibly still be alive, unless she’s some sort of Rambo or MacGyver?!

In tonight’s episode, “Cherokee Rose,” Shane’s deadly sacrifice leads to strange behavior, while the rest of the group contemplate the fine line between living and dying.

See the new episode tonight on AMC at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Walking Dead @ Clicker.
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