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Interview with Sasha Roiz & Claire Coffee from Grimm

grimmcall516smallRecently, Sasha Roiz (who plays Captain Renard) and Claire Coffee (who plays Adalind) from the NBC hit drama Grimm took time to chat with the press about their characters and the season finale.

It’s been a great season for this show and all the characters, but particularly these two characters. First the surprise pregnancy, then a battle with the Royals, and finally having their daughter sent away to protect everyone. Now we have Adalind running around, crazy, trying to figure out how to get her daughter back while Renard tries to stop her from hurting others. What a tangled web.

Check out what these two fantastic actors had to say.

On their relationship development now and in the future

Claire: They really do have kind of a sickeningly codependent relationship. I don’t know that there’s ever really forgiveness or ultimate trust. But it does seem like the playing field is a little bit leveled with what they’ve done to each other.

Sasha: She certainly has a way with Renard. And I think there’s always a possibility of them finding their way back to each other to some extent. But you know, there’s also that baby that bonds them.

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