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Teen Wolf Cast Interview from Comic-Con 2011

I always say that at times, my life is awesome and that I love my job. Well, this trip to Comic Con was one of those times. It’s probably going to make a few young girls envious, but I had the chance to sit down with the fabulous cast and writers of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Jump ahead to see what they had to say about their rising popularity, what’s in store for their characters, and why supernatural series are here to stay. By the way, these people are way too pretty to view in small pictures like they are here, so if you click on a photo, you’ll see the bigger version of all the yumminess!

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TV News – 10/1/10

I’m so excited this week is over, it’s been a long one! Let’s take a look at a couple quick news stories and then be on our ways. 🙂

The next death in the fall TV season has come to pass, RIP My Generation. I’m not really sad, I didn’t even start watching it. Truth be told it’s a tight competition this season and My Generation just didn’t stand a chance. Maybe they should have premiered it in the summer. Sorry to any fans out there? Anyone? Bueller? Source

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Comic Con – Sunday Recap

Sunday was an eventful day at Comic-Con and while I was there I was texting Jenny some details. She didn’t get a chance to post the texts earlier so here I am to post them, and let you in on some spoilers and secrets too. Jump ahead to read about the Smallville, Supernatural and Glee panels. Continue reading

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Comic-Con Thursday Recap 7/23/10

Thursday, I saw the panels forBurn Notice, White Collar and Psych. As well as tons of other crazy things while walking around the conference centre. There were zombies, super heroes and half naked people. It’s fabulous. 🙂

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Update from Comic Con 7/22/10

Hello from San Diego everyone! It was quite a journey getting here, between flight delays and confusion with gates, but I am here at last.

I am staying in a house with some ‘interesting’ characters, but I tell you I’m loving it!

Preview night was insane! There was barely walking room, but I saw some amazing costumes, and booths. I unfortunately didn’t get into the Nikita screening 🙁 because the lines were incredible.

Right now I am off to day 2 at Comic-Con and it will include the Burn Notice , White Collar and Dexter panels just to name a few. I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates and hopefully a few insider details from those panels.

Take care and I’ll update as soon as possible.

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