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Interview with Curtis Armstrong & Robert Carradine

kingofthenerdscall117bsmallI recently got to speak to Curtis Armstrong & Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), hosts of the new reality competition show on TBS, King of the Nerds. I’ve seen this pilot, and it is a blast. It’s funny, smart, and really, really quirky. Curtis & Robert were a lot of fun to talk to and gave some great insight into the show, so check out what they had to say!

Jenny: This is unlike any other competition series I’ve ever seen on TV before. How did this show come about, and/or how were you brought in?

Robert: We actually brought it to them. It was several years ago that Curtis and I tried to ge this going, and it kind of… I don’t know. The timing wasn’t right, and then the summer of 2010, my wife and I were talking about, “Hey, maybe it’s time to try that reality show again.” So we called Curtis, and he was game, and we took it to the crew that actually put the show together. When we first took it in there, their response was instantaneous.

Curtis: Yeah, they really loved the idea from the get-go. You know, it was the sort of thing where a lot of people, when they heard it finally, were saying how did this not happen before? Because on the face of it, it seemed like such an obvious idea, but it had just never happened. So it was a question for us… We came up with the general idea of what we wanted the show to be and gave it to them. They, as experts in the field, came up with specifics about how the whole thing should be set up.
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