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Interview with David Cook from American Idol

David Cook

I was honoured with the chance to speak with David Cook, season 7 American Idol winner, about his trip to Ethiopia and Idol Gives Back. Also on the call was Elizabeth Gore, the Executive Director of Global Partnerships and Nothing but Nets for the United Nations Foundations. David was actually still in Ethiopia while he spoke with us.

His trip was to a school in Ethiopia, and he was there to draw attention to the need for funding for schooling for the young women of Africa. Schooling is what helps these women avoid becoming another statistic, just another sex slave, or another death to AIDS. The call was an eye opener and made me feel blessed to live in North America where I’ve always been valued not in spite of being a woman but celebrated for the strength that being a woman is. I dare you to read this interview and not be moved, not only by the plight but by David’s experiences and his determination to make a difference. Idol Gives Back will air on FOX on April 21st, at 8 pm, don’t miss this opportunity to give back to the world. Now onto the interview. Continue reading

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