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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/19/12

The end of summer is quickly approaching. I know it’s only the middle of July, but my kiddo goes back to school less than a month from now, which seems crazy! The summer’s really flown by, and it kind of makes me sad because that means all the great summer TV I’m enjoying is about over. (But then I just think about all the shows that I keep seeing Tweets about that say they are starting to film, and I can’t but be happy, so…it’s a mixed bag, for sure!) Because it’s still summer, though, there’s some great stuff on, so let’s see what Megan & I think you should be watching. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

Last week’s Rookie Blue was great. I really loved the story line with Oliver & his daughter. Andy learned that things aren’t always black and white when you’re out in the field. She and Sam interrupted Oliver as he was confronting the guy who was involved with the stabbing of the guy at the rave—the same guy that Oliver thought knew where his daughter was. He was so angry that he had the guy at gunpoint and was about to shoot him. He asked Sam if he would back his story up, and Sam agreed. When he asked Andy, she hesitated (earlier in the episode, she’d been reamed out by Oliver by arguing with him when he told her to take his daughter in to the precinct), but then she reluctantly agreed. I told my husband, “The only one that can stop him now is his daughter…” and sure enough, she stepped in and asked him not to—for his sake and hers, not the guy on the floor. The rest of the episode was good, too, but that was my favorite part.

On tonight’s episode, “Leap of Faith,” after the embarrassing loss of a key witness in an upcoming organized crime trial, the officers of 15 Division must turn to a man who claims he is a gifted psychic to help track the witness down. Having taken a leap of faith when his information checks out, they begin to suspect the man’s motives… Is he a talented psychic or brilliant con man? The police are compelled to confront some hidden truths about themselves and their fellow officers.

Don’t miss it tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Rookie Blue @ Clicker.
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