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Interview with David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, & Executive Producer Stephen Nathan from Bones

bonescall102smallRecently, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, and Executive Producer Stephen Nathan spoke about the current story lines and the rest of the season of Bones. (David & Emily spoke on one call, while Stephen spoke on another, but I’m combining them for easier reading. 😉 ) They talk the conspiracy, Sweets’s sudden and unexpected death, the major 200th episode, family like Max and Christine, and more. So check it out now.

On how the conspiracy story line ends…

David Boreanaz: You know what, we’ve been dealing with this towards the end of last season. It was kind of started in episode I think 17 or whatever, and it just slowly built and built. It exposed itself in a major ugly way at the end of the season and then we start off with it again, where I can’t really do much about it because I’m stuck in prison; but when I do get out, I think that there will be a sense of closure that will wrap things up in a very neat way, and it will kind of show it in a way that’s like as, wow, it was right under our nose the whole time, but how that affects their relationship and how it affects Booth and whether he continues to work in the FBI is still to be determined and worked out throughout the first half of the season.
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Interview with Emily Deschanel from Bones

Recently, Emily Deschanel, who playes Temperance Brennan on FOX’s Bones, spoke to the press about the season 8 finale, about the return of Pelant and how his character has affected Brennan and her relationship with Booth and more. Read on to see what she had to say.

On Pelant’s return

bonescall429csmallEmily Deschanel: In this episode, Pelant returns. Obviously the last time we saw him, Booth had injured him. He shot him. So, it seems at this point, Pelant has set his sights on Booth. Before, as you recall last season, he seemed to be targeting Brennan. So, it appears that he’s targeting Booth. In fact, the body that we discover, Booth knew the victim. It’s very close to home, involving the FBI and a case Booth is involved with, and so, it feels like it’s very targeted towards Booth, and of course, that’s terrifying to Brennan because she realizes that Pelant could get him, that Booth is in danger, and Pelant hasn’t gotten to any of us yet on the team. He hasn’t really hurt us, but he’s really taking it up a notch this episode, and you’ll see how he affects their lives.
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Interview with Emily Deschanel from Bones

I recently got the honour of speaking with the charming and beautiful Emily Deschanel who plays Dr. Temperance Brennan on the FOX hit show, Bones. Emily was discussing the upcoming episode that is centered on Dr. Brennan and her reactions to a case that reminds her of her own life. Let’s take a look at what Emily had to say about this episode, playing Dr. Brennan, and life in general. **Warning this interview may include slight spoilers about tonight’s (December 9th) episode.** Continue reading

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/9/10

I’m running late today, and busy playing with my new phone aside from all my other stuff going on, so let’s just get to it. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

I really thought about recommending something different tonight. Megan and Lisa both chose one of the shows I thought about, so those were out. Other great stuff on are The Vampire Diaries, which has been great lately, Nikita, because tonight is a pivotal episode–Nikita faces off directly with Percy, Alex is almost found out (but is saved by Thom and Nikita herself), and things are just really heating up, and several others. But… I had to go with my gut and recommend Burn Notice, which never ever fails to make me happy I watched.

On tonight’s episode, Michael and Sam perform their own investigation into a missing friend when he is labeled as a dirty police officer and they wish to make sure he is safe, as well as clear his name; much to his chagrin, Michael must meet with Jesse’s old handler.

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of Burn Notice on USA at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Burn Notice @ Clicker.

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Interview with Emily Deschanel & Exec Producer Hart Hanson from Bones

I had the honour to interview Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel from Bones recently and it was fabulous! They are both very gracious and the banter between them was hilarious. If you haven’t watched Bones yet, you are committing a crime against television at it’s best. For those who know the series and love it, you’ll be excited to hear tidbits of information about the finale, and other details on the series. I’ll include my questions and some of the great questions from my fellow digital journalists. Interview after the jump. Continue reading

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