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If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/25/11

Thursday just keeps looking better and better! Seems like with all of the natural disasters that have occurred, and the ones supposedly that will occur, we all could use a great escape from weather and other related incidents. Thankfully, there is a whole set of new episodes of some fantastic shows that will take your mind off anything happening outside and get you into weekend mode.

Lisa’s Choice

For the first time ever, one designer is given the power to change the course of the competition. With model Erin Wasson guest judging, tonight’s Project Runway will bring a surprising twist to the show and to the designers. This season is off to a great start and has been full of surprise after surprise, and tonight is no different. Prepare to make it work!

Tonight, the designers learn that they must work in teams in order to design a piece that is inspired by show host Heidi Klum. Plus, the winners of a foot race become team captains in the challenge.

Tune in at 9/8c to Lifetime! Learn where to find episodes online of Project Runway @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/18/10

Friday is a glint in your eye, and you’re waiting for the moment you can let loose. Indulge in some Thursday night fun and get yourself pumped and ready for Friday. Thursday may seem like it will never end, but with all new episodes of your favorite shows, time will fly by! Sit yourself down on your couch, let your fingers doing the walking on the remote, and click on some Thursday night treasures!

Lisa’s Choice

Nina is holding court tonight on an all new episode of Project Runway. She’s going over every stitch, design, and detail with a fine tooth comb, because tonight’s episode revolves around her, and the designers must cater to her every whim, demand, and critique. If Nina doesn’t approve, it very well may be off with your head…or better yet…you’re out!

Tonight, the designers must create a look for Nina Garcia to wear at a very important industry event. Actress Kerry Washington and Marie Claire’s Editor In Chief, Joanna Coles, guest judge!

Watch Lifetime at 9/8c for a new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of Project Runway @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/30/11

Thursdays never looked so good! With the anticipation of the 4th of July coming up, it’s hard to sit still in front of the TV, but Thursday night is going to be a great starter for the weekend, when you tune in to a wonderful lineup of shows! After a long week, nothing can be better than taking it easy by relaxing and enjoying some serious TV down time. Gear up for all new episodes of Thursday night shows you won’t want to miss a moment of. – Lisa

Lisa’s Choice

If you’re looking for a brand new show to enter your TV watching lineup that’s going to make your Thursday night blues go away, then Suits is the right choice. Harvey Spector is the best closer in New York City, and he’s on top of his game when it comes to closing mergers, acquisitions, and even divorces. With all of his success, he is offered a promotion to senior partner at his firm, Pearson Harden. However, with the promotion, Harvey will need a large amount of help. His boss, Jessica Pearson, has enlisted him to help hunt down a new associate.

Mike Ross isn’t your average Harvard Law School student…he actually isn’t even enrolled there! That doesn’t stop him though from taking the bar exam for Harvard graduates in order to make a little money on the side. He’s quite the prodigy, as he is phenomenally brilliant. He’s got a photographic memory. If he reads something, he remembers it for life!

When Mike’s grandmother becomes ill, in order to help her, he has to raise a lot of money quickly. Here’s where his pot-dealing best bud comes into play. In a blotched drug deal, Mike has to escape some nasty drug-buying thugs. When he flees the scene, he ends up falling into a round of Harvey Spector’s associate interviews. Mike easily impresses Harvey, and with that, the two become the finest law duo in the toughest law town. Mike gets situated at his new job at Pearson Harden and becomes acquainted with those who will help him and those who may possibly stand in his way.

Tonight, on an all new episode, an open and shut case becomes anything but when Harvey ends up accused of an inappropriate liaison with a married woman. Louis forces Mike to make a very difficult decision, one that could possibly net the firm a very wealthy client, but at the same time cost him Harvey’s respect.

Tune in to USA Network at 10/9c and suit up! Learn where to find episodes online of Suits @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/23/11

It’s Thursday, which has got to be my FAVORITE day of the week this summer. As much as I love everything else airing right now, tonight includes two shows that I’ve been looking forward to for months. It’s a big day, so in addition to Lisa’s & Kyle’s single recommendations, Megan is doing two shows, and I’m doing three… Forgive me? 😉 Now, on to what our picks are!

Jenny’s Choice

I will admit that I have seen tonight’s premiere of Rookie Blue. Last summer, it became an instant hit with me, for a multitude of reasons (not the least of which was the instant chemistry between Missy Peregrym’s Andy and Ben Bass’ Sam!). The entire cast is fantastic. I’ve mentioned it before, but there are some procedurals that focus too much on the cases and give nothing to the personal relationships. There has to be a balance, and Rookie Blue is a great example of that. We see a lot of the new cops and their personal lives, but the cases are always interesting and aren’t generally overshadowed by the personal. Tonight’s premiere is a great example of that. There’s a lot of personal stuff, but the case is good, too. I have to say, though, as you can see from the photo with this part of the post, there is at least one squee-worthy moment for us Sandy fans. 😉

On tonight’s premiere, Andy’s world explodes when a fresh-faced university student is caught in the crossfire during a random concert shooting. Devastated by the seemingly senseless act of violence, she sets out to unravel the motive and track down the shooter — putting her in direct conflict with Division 15′s new detective, Jo Rosati. Meanwhile, as Rosati investigates her own angle on the concert mayhem, sparks fly between her and her former partner, Detective Luke Callaghan.

Don’t miss tonight’s season premiere on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Rookie Blue @ Clicker.

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