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If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/10/13

It’s already Wednesday, which means we’re halfway through the week. On the one hand, it’s seemed to crawl by, but on the other, I’m constantly looking at the clock and asking myself where the time’s gone. I may be a little bit mentally touched in the head… LOL But that’s okay. It just means I’m a lot of fun to be around! 😉 Instead of listening to the voices in my head, just listen to what we think you should be watching tonight. (On a side note, everyone cross your fingers that JJ starts to feel better soon. We miss him! 🙂 )

Jenny’s Choice #1

psych410smallI never thought I’d see the day that straight-laced Detective Lassiter fall in love with and want to marry a convicted felon. Granted, she’s not a murderer or anything, but still… Psych was hysterical last week, as Marlowe got out of prison. She was assigned to a parole officer, and while Lassie planned to use him “charm” and his position as a police detective, they figured out right away that his idea wouldn’t work…since her parole officer was a woman he slept with and never called. The hoops she had them jumping through was hysterical. The Shawn/Gus/Maximus story line was great, too. My favorite part was the porta-potty warehouse scene. Fantastic. 😀

On tonight’s episode, “Deez Nups,” the gang spends the weekend at a casino resort for Lassie & Marlowe’s wedding and crosses paths with a local crime boss whose presence jeopardizes the impending nuptials. Sage Brocklebank, Kurt Fuller, Kristy Swanson, Mike Starr, Cocoa Brown, & Pete Gardner guest star.

See if Lassie gets to actually walk down the aisle tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Psych @ TV.com.
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