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If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/22/12

It’s the start of a new week. That’s always a mixed blessing for me. On a good note, it means new TV. On a bad note, it means work for my husband, and it also means we’re one week closer to the end of this school year for my teenager and one week closer to the end of the current TV season. So…yeah. i’m not sure whether or not to be happy that tonight is Sunday, but it does mean we have some recommendations on what we think you should be watching tonight. 😉

Jenny’s Choice #1

I was VERY skeptical going into last week’s NYC 22. To me, it seemed to be basically the same premise as one of my very favorite shows, Rookie Blue. I watched, though, albeit grudgingly, just in case. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not as good, but it’s different enough that I don’t feel like it’s trying to COPY it. I like the premise that each of the rookies comes from a background that is going to really impact their career as a cop – whether it’s the girl who comes from a family of criminals, the ex-basketball player who is recognized everywhere, or the Afghani native who has to deal with comments and distrust because of that. I liked it enough that I’m going to give it another few episodes to see if A) I continue to enjoy it and B) CBS keeps it on the schedule. 😉

On tonight’s episode, “Firebomb,” during the rookies’ first midnight duty, Lazarus and Tonya try to stop rival gangs from moving in after a drug dealer’s house is firebombed. Meanwhile, Jackpot and Ahmad are shadowed by a rap star who is playing a cop in an upcoming movie.Kurk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones guest stars as Monsta White.

Check it out tonight on CBS at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of NYC 22 @ Clicker.
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