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Interview with Mary McCormack & Fred Weller from In Plain Sight

Mary McCormack & Fred Weller of In Plain Sight

I had the opportunity earlier this week to speak with Mary McCormack & Fred Weller, stars of USA’s In Plain Sight. They were funny, endearing and really at ease with each other and the press. A couple of times, Mary was distracted by having to play mommy to her kids, which was great. I always enjoy seeing and hearing stars doing normal people things like being a parent. 🙂 Now let’s read to find out more about the show and the actors themselves!

[There’s been some talk] about the new season having a lot less focus on the side characters, Mary specifically with your mom. I was wondering if you feel that is a good direction to go into, or do you think fans will miss the relationship?

M. McCormack – I don’t know how that got out there because it’s actually not true. Lesley Ann is in it quite a bit. I think maybe her contract changed a little, but I think she’s in it the same amount or maybe a teeny bit less. But certainly, Nichole Hiltz is in it just as much and her boyfriend, who’s played by Josh Malina, and my boyfriend is Cristian de la Fuente. It’s definitely, equally, I don’t think the balance of the show has changed. It’s definitely still half and half and half witnesses and my relationship, my friendship with Fred and then half personal life. So I think that balance is the same. I don’t know how that got started, but I don’t think that’s changed very much.

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