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If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/2/11

It’s Friday! That means it’s the start of a 3 day weekend tonight, which is fantastic, but it also means there is almost nothing on tonight. Megan is still gone (she’s gotten moved, but they can’t hook up her internet/TV/phone for another week! Eek!), and Lisa really doesn’t have anything to recommend tonight, so you’re stuck with—I mean, graced by just me & Kyle tonight. Enjoy! 😉

Jenny’s Choice

Last week’s Haven had one of my favorite “troubles” storylines ever. There have been some great ones, but to make it so ALL the mean in that family were cursed with this strange affliction? Bizarre and absolutely, truly heart breaking. I loved how Audrey convinced Nathan to go out to the house to search for the “kidnapped” boy and how they broke in. And Audrey saving the boy just in time, when he was gasping for breath outside the water… Damn. I really loved it. We also now know Evie is working with the Rev (which I’d suspected, but we saw for certain last week), and Duke learned one more piece of information—about his father and his past. All in all, it was a terrific episode.

Tonight, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke fall into a deadly trap after investigating a series of violent crimes that are believed to be connected to an unassuming banker and discovering the existence of an evil clone with sinister intentions. (So I read that, and immediately, my thoughts went to Evie as the evil clone, and in my head, I said, “Evil Francie!” Damn Alias memories…)

Check it out tonight at 10/9c on Syfy! Learn where to find episodes online of Haven @ Clicker.

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