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Interview with Geoff Stults from Enlisted

Tonight is the series premiere of Enlisted on FOX. The show is about a guy in the Army who is serving overseas and kind of has a breakdown, and he gets sent to a new unit back home…the same unit where his brothers both serve. Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, & Parker Young star as the three Hill brothers. Recently, Geoff took a moment to speak to the press about his role and the show.

On his favorite scene so far

enlistedcall110asmallGeoff: That’s tough for me to say, but I think as far as just one quick scene, and it’s not very quick, but the finale scene with my two brothers and Keith David and [me] is really poignant and this is the finale of the last episode, the last scene of the last episode. It’s really poignant for my character and for the arc that the whole show goes on sort of being sort of seen through my eyes in a way or driven by Sergeant Pete Hill. But on a day in, day out basis or episode by episode basis, my favorite scenes are always the scenes that include the whole platoon because I just am so entertained and I got so much respect for our whole cast of characters, the whole platoon, all the comedians and everybody. So for me it’s just fun to be in those scenes, because I’m like you guys; I’m an audience member when it comes to that watching these guys do their comedy.
Jump with me to read more. Continue reading

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Interview with Hart Hanson and Geoff Stults from The Finder

Recently, Hart Hanson and Geoff Stults took the time to speak with journalists about their new show, The Finder. Hart Hanson (creator of Bones) has created another soon to be hit. Stults is adorable, witty, and absolutely perfect in the leading role of Walter.

The Finder follows Walter Sherman, an Iraq war veteran, who has always had a knack for finding things. After he was involved in an explosion, he received brain damage and was discharged. He did get a parting gift, though – his skill of finding things became even more potent and he became: a Finder. Walter can find almost anything for almost anyone. Once he takes a case, there is nothing that stops him until he finds what he set out to find.

Along for the ride is his legal advisor, Leo (Michael Clark Duncan), who was once a lawyer, but after tragedy struck his life, he became a big teddy bear. The whole show is centered around the Ends of the Earth bar, which is owned by Leo and where they all live and work, making them into a perfectly dysfunctional family.

This show is not to be missed, and if you don’t want to take my excellent word for it, check out the interview with these two dashing, talented men. They’ll convince you to at least give it shot. Continue reading

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