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If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/10/14

Today is a special day around my house, as my hilarious, awesome, and fantastic stepson Andrew turns 15! I am blessed daily that these kids have come into my life, and Andrew is one of the best kids a mom could ever want. After a day filled with birthday surprises for him, let’s see what we’re recommending on TV.

Megan’s Choice #1

girlmeetsworldsmallA couple of weeks ago, I was sitting and watching Girl Meets World with my daughter Chloe, and the nostalgia hit me full force. I remember being young and watching Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World, as well as falling in love with Ryder Strong—oh my, I had such a crush. Watching my daughter fall in love with the characters makes me so happy and gives me all those happy feelings that come with a show that you love. Ben Savage is still just as amusing as ever, and he really is a great teacher. Makes me miss Mr. Feenie. If you haven’t given this show a watch, you should, simply for the moment of remembering your youth. Pure awesomeness.

On tonight’s episode, “Girl Meets the Forgotten,” when the kids are assigned a special lesson on appreciation, Riley and Maya are forced to work in the school cafeteria while Lucas and Farkle are assigned janitorial duty.

To see why this show isn’t just for your kids, tune in to Disney at 8/7c.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/27/14

There hasn’t been a lot of exciting shows on Fridays since the last regular season ended. But tonight, there’s a big premiere that I can’t help but recommend, so check out my pick!

Jenny’s Choice

girlmeetsworldsmallFor those fans of TV in the 90s, Cory, Topanga, and Mr. Feeney were household names. So when it was announced that they would be coming back in the new spin-off, Girl Meets World, on Disney Channel, I was beyond thrilled. Not only do we get to see what I hope will be a fun new show that my son and I will enjoy together, but we get to see Cory, Topanga, Mr. Feeney, Shawn, Eric, Mr. & Mrs. Matthews, Minkus, & more years after the original show ended. Sure, Mr. Feeney, Shawn, Mr. & Mrs. Matthews, Minkus, and maybe Eric aren’t series regulars, but we’ll get to catch up with them at least once in person (I’m betting it will be more than that for Mr. Feeney), and I’m sure we’ll hear about them periodically, especially since Cory’s teenage brother has been cast, as well. I’m so excited for tonight’s premiere!

On tonight’s episode, “Girl Meets World,” when Maya leads a rebellion in class, Riley joins in to try to be like her…much to her father, Cory’s, dismay.

To see the start of a new generation of “Meets World,” tune in to Disney Channel at a special time of 9:45/8:45c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Jessie. (It’s a Disney night for me. 😉 )

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TV News – Renewals, Casting, & Pilots!

newsslideshowIt’s been a bit since I took the time to do a news post, but without further adieu, I’m here to bring you up to speed on some interesting news and renewals going on in “TV land.”

A little while ago, Twitter exploded with the news of a Boy Meets World spinoff called Girl Meets World, which would feature Riley, Cory and Topanga’s daughter. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing some of my favorite characters from my childhood shows back on screen for my daughter to enjoy. Now they are adding Teo Halm to the cast as Riley’s brother, Elliott. Even more exciting is the fact that the original creator/executive producer Michael Jacobs is in charge of the pilot, which should assure us of some of the old brilliance intact. The pilot is being considered by Disney Channel for their 2013-14 schedule. TVLine.com

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