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Interview with Bones Executive Producers Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan

bonescall311bsmallLast week, Bones creators/executive producers Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan spoke to the press about the return of the show to Mondays and what we can look forward to the rest of the season and into next. To start off, check out their answers to my first two questions.

Because Wendell is my favorite squintern, I had to ask about him and the cancer story line. When I asked what they could tell me about whether or not we’d see him soon and why they chose to go with cancer, they said:

Hart Hanson: Nothing. Don’t say anything—

Stephen Nathan: Wendell will be coming back this season. He’s coming back. I think it’s in Episode 18.

Hart: It’s an unfolding story.

Stephen: Yes, we will not tell you how it ends, but we will revisit Wendell. And he will come back mid-treatment and be working at the Jeffersonian still in his old job. Although, that will get very, very complicated, and it will not unfold the way, I think, we expect it to.

Hart: Well, maybe the way we expect, but not the way the audience expects.
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Interview with Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan from Bones


Two of my favorite showrunners—heck, two of my favorite people in Hollywood—recently spoke to the press about this season of Bones. Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan are really great at balancing giving us just enough to whet our appetites, but little enough to leave us wanting more. So check out what they had to say!

On when we’ll see Pelant again

Hart: Well, Pelant will definitely figure in their lives quite heavily in the first few episodes. We will see him again. We’ll see him in a way we haven’t before. It’ll be a far more intense episode and it’ll be them confronting him in a way we haven’t seen before. That’s probably vague enough.

Stephen: You know they’re going to get married, and they can’t really get married until the issue of Pelant has been dealt with one way or another.

We’re doing all that fairly quickly. We’re not teasing this out through the whole season.

Hart: We’ve strung along the audience for eight years. Season 9 we’re starting to resolve things, not everything because there will be a Season 10 through 14, but at this point, we will be moving things along.
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Interview with Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan from Bones

Two of my favorite people from behind the scenes of one of my favorite TV shows ever, Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan, recently spoke to the press about their show, Bones, which returns this week after the hiatus for baseball. They spoke about what’s coming up the rest of the season, how their decisions for last season’s ender continue to affect the team, and about how bad an actor the baby playing Christine really is (joking, of course. 😉 ).

On keeping the tension up between Booth & Brennan

Hart: Well so far, knocking on wood, this has been a very, very rich load for us to mine; the two of them living together with a baby and continuing to live lives and solve crimes. So far we don’t have to do anything big to throw a wrench into that machine anymore. It’s working just fine; lots of new stories. As many, I think, as we had at the beginning when there was just actual tension.

Stephen: I think what we’ve done this season, hopefully, is kind of give them stories that are overwhelming emotionally so we see how they react as a couple, so that we see how their relationship is tested. We’re doing that by keeping Pelant alive, by adding somebody to their household, which will happen soon, and also really putting themselves in situations that neither of them ever expected themselves to be in.

We have an episode coming up where Brennan has a near death experience, which really kind of causes her to reevaluate her life and see everything a little bit differently. So we’re just trying to move them along and have these characters evolve and not stay in the same place. So hopefully it will be surprising for everybody.
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Interview with Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan from Bones

In preparation for the Bones season premiere, the big cheeses behind the show, Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan, spoke with the press. There ARE some slight spoilers for the end of the premiere and the season, so if you are adament about those, be aware. First up are two questions of mine.

Jenny: The Bones fandom went crazy after last season’s finale. I saw a lot of…almost harsh reactions toward Brennan on Twitter, which I was actually surprised about. Did you get much backlash about Brennan leaving with Christine at the end of last season, and if so, was it more, less, or about what you’d expected?

Hart Hanson: I was slightly surprised in that Brennan did what was best for everyone. She needed Booth to stay and clear her name so that she could come home and she knew that Pelant would like nothing more than to get her into the system and then wrench Christine away from Booth (they aren’t married). On the other hand, we wanted to set up a situation in which doing the right thing rationally still caused a lot of perturbations for our characters.
Jenny: Can you talk about your choice of Clark moving into Brennan’s office/position temporarily and then bringing him in as a second forensic anthropologist? Is he now a series regular in addition to the rotating squinterns?

Hart: Clark is not a regular; he’s just the most senior of our squinterns in that he has a doctorate and COULD be the forensic anthropologist if Brennan weren’t there … even though “crime” isn’t his first love. Is he working in the Jeffersonian? Yes, he is– but it’s a very large institution.
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Interview with Executive Producers Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan from Bones

Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan, Executive Producers for Bones, recently spoke to the press about the upcoming second half of the season and more. They are honestly two of the funniest guys I’ve ever spoken with or read on Twitter. You can tell they love their jobs and their cast and crew and have a lot of respect for each other. I got to ask the first two questions and then a third at the end of the call, so my three questions are first. 🙂

Jenny: How is the number of episodes that we’re going to be getting going to play out?

Stephen Nathan: You haven’t heard a definitive answer, because there isn’t one yet. All we know is that we have a season ender, and that will leave us with four extra episodes that have to be able to be slotted anywhere at any time without notice. That’s all we know.

Hart Hanson: There’s been no word from Fox when they want to air it, whether they want to air them in the summer, or whether they want to save them for next season or slot them in next season.

Stephen: We just don’t know, so that actually made from some four kind of interesting episodes.

Hart: Yes. I mean it might be that the executives at Fox just watch them at lunch just amongst themselves. We haven’t been told.
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