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If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/25/14

There have been so many new and returning shows this week that it’s already starting to get tough to keep up with everything! And tonight, there’s five more returning/new shows, including the new Must Shonda TV Thursday lineup on ABC. So check out which of these shows we’re recommending you watch tonight.

Kyle’s Choice

parenthood925smallTonight, Parenthood returns to NBC for the start of its 13-episode final season. When we last saw the Braverman clan, Ryan has been discharged from the Army and left Amber to go back home to Wyoming. However, we saw Amber with a pregnancy test. Sarah and Hank kissed and seemed to finally be willing to explore a relationship. There also seemed to be a glimmer of hope that Julia and Joel might get back together. Meanwhile, Haddie came home from school and came out to the family; Zeek and Camille sold the family home; and Kristina and Adam were building a new school for Max and other marginalized kids like him.

Parenthood is such a well-written drama that knows how to deliver the emotion. It will be sad once this season is over and we won’t be able to spend time each week with the Bravermans. However, I’m really glad the creators have gone into this final season knowing these are the last 13 episodes and can write to a satisfying conclusion.

On tonight’s episode, “Vegas,” Sarah and Zeek head to Las Vegas to celebrate Zeek’s birthday as the sixth season opens. Elsewhere, Amber deals with adulthood and new life changes; and Adam and Kristina face the pressure of having their charter school ready in time for opening.

See the beginning of the end tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Bones, and Haven.
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