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Interview with Jake Johnson from New Girl

Jake Johnson, who plays Nick on FOX’s New Girl, recently spoke to the press about not only his role and the show, but the chemistry between Nick and Jess, the “bromance,” and more. Check it out below!

On whether or not he was prepared for the show to be a hit right out of the gate

Jake Johnson: I was not prepared. No. I was very hopeful because we’re all really having a lot of fun doing it. And we all kind of thought within the inner circle of it that we had something special. But you never know. So, when right away a lot of people thought–people came in at Fox and we are at the table reading, all the executives and everyone was really happy. And that’s when I started realizing that we had something really special and early on successful on our hands.

Then, when we got word while we were filming I think Episode 4 that we’ve got picked up for the back 12. And that was a really, really great feeling and experience to realize this job that I really love and this character, Nick, who I’m really excited about going deeper with and all the cast and crew are really special. So I’m like great. Now I get to keep doing this through April and we get to really develop this story.
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