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Interview with Jason Lee from Up All Night

Jason Lee (Memphis Beat, My Name is Earl) recently spoke to the press about his upcoming guest starring role on NBC’s Up All Night. He talked about working with Maya & the rest of the cast, his role compared to his previous ones, and what he thinks makes for good comedy, so check it out!

On how his character meets Ava & who he got to work with on the show

Jason: Well, I think it’s just – it’s a – you know, it’s a reflection of, ultimately, who she is. I think Eva is very likable, sweet, innocent, you know, and she brings out – he brings that out in her. And I like that she’s not afraid to be that way around this guy that – you know. She’s still very kind of smart-assy and jokey and – when they’re around other people and whatnot, and it’s all fun and endearing. But, yes, I think it brings out a cool side of her, and it certainly allows me to kind of do something a little different which is very cool — kind of play it a little straighter and be a little bit more, I guess you could say, leading man – whatever the term is – or just kind of “the guy,” you know, which I’ve never – I never really do, coming from Earl and things like that.

So far. I’ve done three episodes so far which is really cool and gotten to play with everybody, you know, which is great — mainly with Maya, but some with Will and some with Christina so far. And everybody’s amazing.
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