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Interview with Jordana Spiro & Josh Berman from The Mob Doctor

The Mob Doctor is one of the hottest new shows of fall, and recently, the star, Jordana Spiro (Grace Devlin), and the co-creator, Josh Berman, took some time to speak with us about the show, the characters, and anything else that was thrown their way.

On why it’s important to film in Chicago

Josh Berman: I think there’s two reasons for me. It was a personal reason and a professional reason. Professionally, when you’re on a network show, and you have a studio that says you can shoot anywhere you want, and you’re writing a show about the mob…there’s no better city than Chicago. Since post-9/11, resources have gone away from organized crime and into fighting terrorism, and there’s a whole new face on the mob and being able to place it in Chicago with such historical roots made the most sense.

Personally, it’s a real pleasure because my family comes from Chicago. My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, and she ended up in Chicago, as well as five of her cousins, the only people that survived. They established [a department store], and for them, my family, Chicago represented the American Dream. So, it’s a real great return for me.
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