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Interview with Author Kathy Reichs from Bones

Recently, Kathy Reichs, author of the Temperence Brennan books, participated in a conference call to talk about Bones, which is based on her best-selling book series. She wrote this week’s episode, as well. Check out what she says about the show and the characters.

I was wondering, do you see Brennan as two separate people: The character on TV and one that your readers know?

Kathy – No, I really don’t. I think of book Tempe and TV Tempe and I think of TV Tempe as an earlier point in book Tempe’s life. She’s 30-something rather than 40-something. She’s unmarried. She‘s living in Washington, which I find very appropriate because that’s where I started my career at the Smithsonian. It’s the very first place I ever worked with skeletons, so I think of TV Tempe as a prequel.

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