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Interview with Kellan Lutz from Bullseye

kellanlutzcall527asmallLast week, I had the chance to speak with big-screen star Kellan Lutz about his hosting gig on the new FOX reality show, Bullseye. I’ve loved Kellan in everything I’ve seen him in, and it was awesome to talk to him and learn how nice a guy he seems to be in real life. Bullseye, which has contestants doing exciting stunts for a chance to win up to $50,000, is perfect for Kellan, and he explains why below. Check out what he had to say…

On what attracted him to the show

Kellan Lutz: Everything. I am an adventure, risk taking junkie at heart, and I just live for action movies. That’s why I do a plethora of action movies. I just love driving fast cars, shooting guns, doing fight scenes, and layering that with crazy stunts like Expendables 3, where I got to ride my motorcycle up eight stories. So, any time I can do something that really makes me push my comfort zone to the max, that’s what real life living is to me.

When Jon Kroll, an amazing producer, brought this to my attention, I saw this as a rule that he had. And I was just floored that they could get a way, production value of making these stunts, because a lot of the stunts that he showed me excelled way past any stunts I’ve ever done in my movies. So, being a part of the show, I wanted to be on the show and I said, “When can I do the stunts?” And he was like, “Well, we’d like you to host it because we know this is right up your alley.” And I’d never hosted before, so I took a little bit of time and I thought about it, and it made sense because how I look at my career is I want to do stuff that I’m passionate about, stuff that just is me, is Kellan.

And hosting a show like this, it just seems right. It seems right up my alley. I’d be really excited every day with every new stunt. And I’m a people person, so I just love encouraging other people to step outside of their comfort zone and push their limits, and really live life the way that I love living, so the show’s very organic for myself.

And also asking them, and the studio, Fox and Endemol if I’d be able to participate and partake in some of the stunts, they were hesitant at first, but they knew that that was the deciding factor for me. I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else have fun. So, they agreed and we’re off to the races.

This whole project has been such an amazing experience, and I love every day on set. There’s always amazing contestants, and there’s always a new stunt that Scott Larsen creates, and the whole company creates. And the crew’s worked together on Wipeout and Fear Factor before, so I really stepped into a great family unit and they welcomed me with open arms. Then I get to do it with Godfrey [from The Godfrey Complex] who has us cracking up on set. So, the energy on set is just unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.
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