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Interview with Lakoda Rayne from The X Factor

Recently, Lakoda Rayne took the time to talk about their time on The X Factor and about the future of their group. Paige, Dani, Haley, and Cari are the girls of Lakoda Rayne, and this is their take on the experience.

On how their expectations compared to the experience

Haley: A lot of people expected a manufactured group to not be as successful because we were thrown together and had such little amount of time working together. But we actually came together really well. We became best friends and like sisters and I know people are like well that would be the safe thing to say, but it’s true because we laugh like sisters. We play like sisters. We argue like sisters. I think it worked out so well, too, where that we don’t want to be apart from each other. A lot of people expected it to be completely opposite.
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