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Interview with Author Kelley Armstrong & Star Laura Vandervoort from Bitten


Tonight, Syfy is premiering their latest series, Bitten, based off the best-selling book series, “Women of the Otherworld,” by Kelley Armstrong. Bitten is about a young woman who is turned into a werewolf…and is the sole female werewolf in existence. She’s split from her pack, wanting to live a normal life, but is pulled back in when bodies start piling up. Author Kelley Armstrong and series star Laura Vandervoort recently spoke to the press about the show, the book series, and more, so check out what they had to say.

On the fact that she is trained in martial arts

bittencall113bsmallLaura Vandervoort: Yes. I grew up doing martial arts. So Elena feels like, you know, the other part of me. I relate to so much about her. Obviously, not the werewolf part, but the fact that she can take care of herself physically.

And I think it was great that the writers wrote in some extra hand-to-hand combat scenes. And especially in the finale – we have this epic fight that I just had a great time doing. And we had great stunt coordinators that help us so as incorporate the animalistic side to the fighting.

It wasn’t a part of the audition, but, you know, I think it definitely benefits the character. The fact that most of the actors on the show are physically able to do the fight scene sequences.
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