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If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/5/12

Yay for being Friday! I am so glad it’s nearly the weekend. It’s been a great week for TV, but my DVR is full. I need the weekend to catch up! LOL We also have plans to spend some time together as a family playing cards and stuff this weekend, so it’s just another reason I’m glad it’s Friday. You? 🙂 Now, see what we think you should be watching to ease you into the weekend. 😀

Jenny’s Choice

Originally my pick was going to be Blue Bloods (it looks like it’ll be a great episode, as always), but then I finally watched the premiere of Made in Jersey yesterday, and I LOVED it. I love that Martina is so smart about figuring out clues and helped to clear the girl accused of murder on last week’s episode. The guest cast is great, too. I love the people at her firm (I hope it doesn’t end up like Franklin & Bash, where I started to dislike their coworkers so much, I stopped watching…) and her family. I also hope the writers make it like Blue Bloods, where half of the fun of the show is the cases, but the other half is the family interaction. I loved that part of the premiere, so I’m hopeful it will continue.

On tonight’s episode, “Cacti,” while going through “jail mail,” Martina finds a letter from a client who was institutionalized after pleading insanity for manslaughter, and is now lucid and claims innocence. Meanwhile, Bonnie introduces her new boyfriend to the family. Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse) guest stars as Tommy Ligand, Martina’s ex-boyfriend.

See if you fall in love with the show like I did tonight on CBS 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Made in Jersey @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/DVRing CSI: NY, Grimm, Fringe, Blue Bloods, & Haven.
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Trailers for New Fall Shows on CBS & Our Thoughts

You saw all the trailers and our thoughts on the new shows for ABC, NBC, & FOX. Now check out the same for the new CBS shows!

Link to Elementary on CBS.com.

Jenny’s Thoughts: It’s a cop show, which I love, and Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are fantastic as Sherlock Holmes and a female Watson. I really loved the trailer, so I’m anxious to see more of this one. I think if you like The Mentalist, you’ll enjoy this one, too. – Excited
Megan’s Thoughts: Pure brilliance. I love the fact that Watson is a woman, and I love the eccentric, harsh character that Holmes is. It’s bound to be a hit if they can keep up the witty banter in the script while still solving crimes. I’m hooked already. – Excited
Kyle’s Thoughts: Did we really need another Sherlock Holmes adaptation? While the answer is “no,” I do like Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, and this does look like a good show. This version of Holmes kind of reminds me of Patrick Jane with a British accent. – Excited

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