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Interview with Moon Bloodgood from Falling Skies

In addition to Noah Wyle, I recently got the chance to speak with his co-star and romantic interest in the new show, Falling Skies, Moon Bloodgood. Falling Skies takes place six months after aliens have invaded Earth and killed most of the population. Noah’s character fights back, along with his family and a small group of other survivors.

Moon is probably best known for her role in Terminator Salvation, but she also starred in Day Break, Journeyman, and guest starred in a few episodes of one of my favorite shows, Burn Notice. Check out the great questions & answers Noah gave to me and other members of the press below!

On what makes Falling Skies different from other alien invader shows

Well I think ultimately if you’re, you know, if you’re going to like a show – I mean we’re all kind of, you know, dealing with the same subject matter, I think what’s going to be different is certainly out approach sort of the science fiction aspect of it it’s going to be a little – it’s going to vary but if you like the story, the human story behind it and like – you want to follow the characters and that’s what’s going to bring you to it.

And we’re much more drama and more of a human element than like a District 9 which I think is primarily more about – though a great story, one of my favorite science fiction films, there’s definitely more of a science fiction element than I think we have. I think we’re sort watch – of having the marriage of a good family story with the science fiction element.

Jump with us to see what else Moon had to say. Continue reading

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