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Interview with Nick Eversman from Missing

Last week, I got to speak one on one with Nick Eversman, who plays Michael Winstone on ABC’s freshman drama, Missing. He took time out of his day to talk with me about the show, his castmates, and what else he has going on. Check it out!

Jenny: What was the process you went through to get this role?

Nick: You know, it’s pretty crazy. I did audition. What had happened was I went in for it in February. I had long hair, and I went in and read, and they basically said, “You did well, but you’re not exactly what we’re looking for.” I kind of looked more like a California surfer dude at the time. Two months later – it was early, early May – I got a phone call saying that I had an audition for Missing. I said, “Wait a second, isn’t this the one I went in on?” and they said, “Yeah, but they’re having a hard time casting the son, so go in. It’s gonna be a quick turnaround.”

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