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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/7/11

It’s hard to believe it’s Friday the 7th already. Seems like just yesterday, it was Christmas. Now? My baby is about to turn 13! I just turned 34, and I didn’t feel old. But realizing my kid is going to be a TEENAGER on Sunday?! THAT makes me feel old! lol So yeah, I’m praying the clock slows down enough to realllllllly drag out the next few days, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen. At least I’ve got new TV to console me! 😉 We want to thank Jim for guest posting with us this week. He’s been fun to have, hasn’t he? Thanks, Jim! 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

There isn’t a whole lot to choose from tonight, but I’m happy, because there is a new episode of CSI: NY. Tonight, we get a special treat, too, because David James Elliott (JAG, Scoundrels) guest stars as FBI Agent Russ Josephson, Jo’s ex-husband.

On tonight’s episode, when a man in a full clown costume shoots a bakery owner, the CSIs investigate and discover a decision from Flack’s past that may put him in jeopardy.

Don’t miss this new episode tonight on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of CSI: NY @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/2/11

Welcome back, TV! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so glad new episodes are back. I had an okay holiday season, but I am so happy we get new TV this week! Our guest poster this week is Jim Halterman, who posts, in addition to his own site, at a variety of other places. Megan and I have been on many conference calls with him, and I’m a big fan of his on Twitter, so welcome him to TV Is My Pacifier this week!

Jim’s Choice

I’m Jim Halterman (@jimhalterman) and I’m a freelance entertainment journalist writing for a number of outlets including FutonCritic, EDGE, AfterEllen, and my own website, JimHalterman.com. Like so many of us that love television, I was one of those kids who connected with the world I saw on TV as both a world I could escape to, but also one I always felt I could be a part of. I studied Telecommunications at Indiana University, and once I took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles, I first learned the business of television by working for a development exec at Sony Pictures Television. From that job, I landed my first writing job on the last year of the original Beverly Hills 90210, which was more than a little surreal and a fantastic experience. After that, I spent years working in development, so when a friend asked me to start writing my thoughts about TV for a small website (for no pay!), I jumped at the chance, and now, almost four years later, it’s my full-time job. I want to thank the TV Is My Pacifier team for asking me to contribute this week, as I share what I’ll be watching in the coming week.

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