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Interview with Poppy Montgomery from Unforgettable

Poppy Montgomery recently spoke with the press about the rest of the season of Unforgettable. A new episode airs tonight, so check out what Poppy had to say about her role in the show, the upcoming story lines, and more, read on.

On Carrie’s evolution from the start of the season toward the end

Poppy Montgomery: You know, I think in the first half of the season and certainly in the pilot we saw a much more tortured soul, if you will, you know. I think that she was very ill at ease coming back to the police world and she had a lot of unresolved anger towards Dylan’s character, Al. And, you know, she had unresolved feelings and she didn’t know if she could work with him. She struggled with this ability that she has.

And I think that now, through the police work and everything that she’s doing, she has become more adjusted to the world and more able to deal with things than she was in the pilot where she’s making some kind of peace in her life with her ability and her gift, and using it to sort of save and help other people which gives her some kind of peace. But the murder of her sister is still unresolved. So I think that, you know, that’s a big key to who she is.

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