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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/5/11

Mondays suck, because that means you have to go back to work. But Mondays also rock, because there’s tons of great TV on. Tonight is certainly no exception. From a cute new Christmas special to a highly anticipated new episode of Castle, we’re giving you our opinion on what we think you should watch, so check it out! By the way, I’m not going to give it a separate choice, but if you enjoyed part 1 of Syfy’s Neverland last night, don’t miss part 2 tonight! And if you missed part 1, it is reairing tonight on Syfy at 7/6c, before part 2 at 9/8c!

Jenny’s Choice #1

The last new episode of Castle was huge in terms of growth for Detective Kate Beckett. The sniper case brought up her issues with her own shooting, and her PTSD was shown to everyone on her team. Castle had a few moments being in the center of the episode—working with the Captain was great, wasn’t it?—but the true brilliance of the episode belonged to not only Beckett, who played her role the best I think I’ve ever seen her, but also to Espisito. He just really was amazing as he helped Beckett deal with her PTSD, as well as when he backed her up and shot the sniper before the guy could shoot her. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite Castle episodes ever. The buzz about tonight’s episode has the Twittosphere all aflutter, as Castle, Beckett, and handcuffs in the same sentence can make any shipper nearly faint with happiness.

On tonight’s episode, “Cuffed,” when Castle and Beckett wake up in bed, handcuffed together, in a locked room with no memory of how they got there, they must piece together the mystery of where they are and why, all while trying to escape. But as the two of them adjust to being shackled together, what’s the biggest threat they face… the people who abducted them or each other? Meanwhile, Ryan, Esposito, and Gates are left to investigate their disappearance in a case where all is not what it seems.

Do not miss it tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Castle @ Clicker.
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