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If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/26/14

Happy Hump Day! Too bad we’re still in the middle of winter when it’s supposed to be SPRING. Ugh. Kyle & Megan are taking tonight off, so JJ & I have got you covered on our recommendations. Check ’em out. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

psych326smallTonight is a sad night for pineapple lovers, as it’s the series finale of Psych. I have to admit that I have the previous few episodes on my DVR. I decided to save them up to watch all in a row after tonight’s episode. So I have no idea what’s happened since Jules left Santa Barbara without saying goodbye to Shawn. But the show has had an amazing run in its eight seasons, and I’m very, very sad to see it end. Hopefully everyone gets their happy endings and we get some awesome “Psych-out” moments in the finale.

On tonight’s episode, “The Break-Up,” Shawn and Gus work with Lassiter, Henry and Woody to solve the murder of a real estate executive; Shawn must make a life decision.

Following tonight’s 67-minute finale, there’s a 1-hour “Psych After Pshow” special, where the cast and show creator Steve Franks answer questions.

See the final episode of a terrific show tonight on USA Network at 9/8c, followed by the after-show special at 10:07/9:07c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Melissa & Joey, Save My Bakery, Modern Family, Mixology, Hot in Cleveland, & The Soul Man.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/15/14

Last Wednesday, I got my new laptop. (Which is great, btw!) Now, 6 days later, my now-16yo got his first laptop. He got money for birthday & Christmas, and between that and money he’s saved, he had enough to pay the majority of it. We kicked in a little as part of his birthday present. So that’s been our night…setting it all up. But enough about my life… Here’s what we’re recommending on a great night of television!

Jenny’s Choice #1

meljoey115smallTonight is the winter premiere for ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey. I’m SO excited for the 2nd half of this season. On the last episode (not counting the Christmas ep!), Mel, Joe, & the kids were in New Jersey, visiting Joe’s family. Mel & Joe ended up spending a…romantic night together, and then Mel kind of ran scared, leaving Joe and the kids to get home together on their own. Lennox and Ryder convinced him to go after her, so he packed them up and they left. When they arrived home, Austin was there with Mel, wanting to give their relationship another try. For Mel and Joe shippers (like myself—surprise! 😉 ), it was killer. But I have faith (& I won’t spoil and say why! LOL).

On tonight’s episode, “A Decent Proposal,” in picking up where the summer cliff-hanger left off, Joe rushes home to tell Mel that he has feelings for her after their romantic night together in New Jersey. When he arrives, he’s shocked to find Austin (guest star Trevor Donovan) has shown up and wants to give his relationship with Mel another try. Deciding he can’t stay and watch them fall in love all over again, Joe quits. Meanwhile, Lennox plots to get Joe and Mel together, and Ryder gets sick from his own cooking.

Find out if Mel makes a decision regarding her love life tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/8/14

As I write this, I’m waiting for my husband to get home from Best Buy with my new laptop! Yay! I’m gonna make it quick so I’m ready when he gets here! 😉 Temperatures all over the country and frigid (even Florida was in the 40s!), so curl up with a blanket & watch some great TV tonight. 🙂 Here are our recommendations.

Jenny’s Choice

psych18smallIt’s been a while since Psych last graced our screens (aside from the fun musical episode a few weeks ago, which doesn’t count because it didn’t fall in the current timeline of the show. 😉 ). Juliet now knows Shawn’s secret, and at first, it seemed like things were dunzo between them, but she’s forgiven him for lying, understands that they can’t come clean about it to the others, and things are looking up again for the pair. Meanwhile, Lassie is married to Marlo, and the squad has a new boss after Chief Vick was…what? Fired? It’s been so long, I don’t remember… I do know that things are kind of upside down at the station, so here’s hoping the Pineapple Gang can make it all right!

On tonight’s episode, “Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire,” when Shawn helps art thief Pierre Despereaux with an undercover operation in London to take down Interpol’s most wanted criminal, Gus tags along to attend the Harry Potter convention, but Despereaux’s assignment takes priority over wizardry fun.

Catch the season premiere tonight on USA Network at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, Top Chef, & Chicago P.D..
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/15/13

We finally got our first big winter snowstorm of the year here last night—I’d be happy if it just snowed once a year, on Christmas, and just enough of a dusting to make things white, and then it all went away the next day. 🙂 While the rest of the TV is My Pacifier gang seems to have plenty of new shows this week, tonight is by far my busiest. After tonight, the rest of the week is really scarce for me. But since I still have at least 30 episodes of things on my TiVo to catch up on, that’s fine with me! Read on to see what we suggest you check out tonight.

Kyle’s Choice

psych1215smallTonight, the long-awaited Psych: The Musical airs on USA Network. This past summer at San Diego Comic-Con, I had the opportunity to attend the special midnight premiere of the Psych musical, and I was really pleased (despite being extremely tired). From fun, catchy musical numbers with some really witty lyrics, to some great Broadway talent like Anthony Rapp (Rent) and Barry Bostwick (Grease), it was one of the better TV show musical episodes I have seen. (I’m convinced every show should try a musical episode once!) The only thing I found a little odd was that the timeline of the episode falls somewhere in the middle of last season, so Juliette wasn’t aware of Shawn’s secret yet. However, since it’s been several months since Psych last aired, it may be a little less jarring for viewers.

In this special 2-hour musical extravaganza, Shawn and Gus must track down an escaped playwright who was declared criminally insane 6 years prior, after a critic was killed in a suspicious theater fire. During their investigation, Shawn finds himself seeking the assistance of a dangerous villain from his past.

Get your dose of fun and zany tonight on USA Network at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Survivor, Once Upon a Time, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Guy’s Grocery Games, Restaurant Express, Cutthroat Kitchen, Getting On, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, Homeland, and Masters of Sex.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/29/13

It’s been a hectic few weeks around here, and I’m looking forward to a few nights of peace and quiet. Tonight, I’m going to curl up with a cup of tea and a few hours of good television, so let’s see what you should be watching with me.

Megan’s Choice

americanbakingcompetitionsmallI really enjoy shows that revolve around cooking competitions, such as MasterChef or Iron Chef America. Now there’s a new one to tune in to. The American Baking Competition premieres tonight on CBS.

The 10 bakers were chosen from a nationwide search of amateur bakers at local casting bake-offs. Proving the joy of baking’s broad appeal, the six female and four male home bakers have varied lives and jobs, including a firefighter, photographer, homemaker, attorney, advertiser, home health care provider, college student, retiree, project manager, and a baking enthusiast trying to go pro. Each week, the show will feature these passionate home bakers competing in three unique challenges: “Signature Bake,” “Technical Bake,” and “Showstopper Bake.” The contestant who out-bakes the rest is that week’s “Star Baker,” while the one whose creations fail to impress is eliminated. The final challenge will be between the three remaining contestants, one of whom will go on to be crowned the best amateur baker in America and win the $250,000 grand prize. The winner will also be awarded a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster to publish their own cookbook with Gallery Books. It’s being hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, who is always amusing, so tune in and check it out.

On the premiere episode, “Pies and Tarts,” amateur bakers compete in various challenges.

To drool over all the yummy baked goods while these bakers compete, tune in to CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching MasterChef.
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