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Interview with Colin Ferguson & Salli Richardson-Whitfield from Eureka Part 2

This is part 2 of the Q&A with Colin Ferguson & Salli Richardson-Whitfield from Eureka. If you missed part 1, check it out HERE.

On their favorite Allison/Carter moment so far

Colin: Favorite moment? I’d go back to magnetic fence.

Salli: I know – well, that one we have that was in our first season we got stuck together on this fence, but I also like when I was pregnant and the baby was kicking, that – do you remember that?

Colin: Oh, yeah. That was – we were on the couch.

Salli: Yes, we were shooting this wonderful scene in my office when I was enormous at the time, and it was a very sweet scene where he’s touching my stomach. But literally, when we were shooting every time Colin would touch my belly the baby, because I was really pregnant, the baby would kick right on his hand, like with every single take, Little Dre would go crazy in my stomach, so it was kind of funny.

Colin: Yeah, and Dre is a model athlete at this point in his life, so it really is no surprise that he ended up kicking on cue every single time.

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Interview with Colin Ferguson & Salli Richardson-Whitfield from Eureka Part 1

In preparation for this week’s mid-season premiere of Eureka, Colin Ferguson & Salli Richardson-Whitfield spoke to the press about their characters and the show. Colin plays Sheriff Jack Carter of the little, crazy, wacky, secret town of Eureka. Salli plays Dr. Allison Blake, who (up until this season) used to be the head of Global Dynamics, but is now mother of 2 and a doctor within the organization. They were great to talk to and made me even more excited about the new episodes coming up!

In the season 4.5 return of Eureka, as the timeline changes from their trip to 1947 continue to surprise Sheriff Jack Carter, Allison Blake, Henry Deacon (Joe Morton), Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra), and Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston), an accident of astronomical proportions is the impetus for Global Dynamic’s most ambitious project yet. With the entire town rallying to go where no man has gone before and pitting scientist against scientist, our heroes’ new relationships are tested when secrets begin to surface, the competition grows fierce, and darker forces threaten to bring everyone down should they fail.

Check out the first group of great answers Colin & Salli had for you below!

On what ways they are most like and least like their characters

Salli Richardson-Whitfield: Well, it’s funny. I think that I’ve actually – our characters have become even more alike as the seasons have gone one. She’s – I think that I’m not quite as, Colin may disagree, as hard and as tough as I seem.

In this, the last season or so, you get to see a much softer side of Allison and of – with her being a mom, but still having to juggle work. So, I think that we’ve – our characters actually have come much closer and she’s very much like me now.

Colin Ferguson: Well, I’m a Sheriff in real life, so (that sums that up). No, I think – how would I say I’m like him? Personality-wise we’re pretty similar at this point. They’ve done an amazing job of taking the best of me and making it palatable for other people, so yeah, the personality is the same.

I guess the biggest difference would probably be relationships, I guess. He has a steadfast (and that’s how he makes things work), with Allison and he pushes through the problem, and that’s something that I’m working on in my own life.

A hard thing working out of town and trying to get something going back in Los Angeles, but that would probably be the biggest difference. But you know what, I’m working on it and…

Salli: And you’re also…

Colin: …I’ll figure it out.

Salli: …much smarter than they try to portray you.

Colin: That’s true. Yes. I mean, yes, I can say that.

Salli: You can’t say that. I can say that.

Colin: All right, I’m a little – I’m slightly brighter than my character at times.
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