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Interview with Skylar Astin & Briga Heelan from Ground Floor

groundfloorcall1114smallTBS’s new comedy, Ground Floor, is set smack dab in corporate America. The show’s lead characters are Brody, a young hot-shot banker, and Jenny, a beautiful woman whom he “hooks up with” at an office party. He soon discovers that she’s a building support specialist (aka maintenance worker) for the building where his bank is located. I’ve seen the first couple of episodes, and the show is a lot of fun. It’s a cute (not completely original, but still) premise, and the cast is fantastic (I mean, come on… John C. McGinley is pretty much playing Dr. Cox from Scrubs, which is great!).

Skylar Astin & Briga Heelan play Brody & Jenny, and they recently sat down to speak to the press about the show. First up is my question. 😉

TV Is My Pacifier: What’s the most fun thing about playing your characters?
Skylar Astin: For me, I like adding a sensitive side to a character that is normally portrayed as kind of one dimensional. And I am talking about, you know, the typical money manager, high level banker who has got a big ego and drives a red Ferrari and is normally the bully or the villain to our hero.

And it’s great that Brody is this guy with this lifestyle, yet there is such a sensitive side to him and he is so flawed and really has a sense of humor. So I find a lot of fun moments with his imperfections and how he struggles with, you know, the vanity of the job that he is in. Yet he is more insecure than most people.

Briga Heelan: For me, with [my character] Jenny, I love it that, you know, most of her personality is sort of not what I am like which is always very attractive when I am reading something, you know, the chance to be like oh let’s explore who I am not and with Jenny she is so unbelievably laid back and she is so in the moment.

And I thought – I think that so much humor comes out of like her confidence in her lack of things. And I really, really love that about her, you know, while she is still, you know, I like that she is a girl’s girl and a guy’s girl. And yes she is super different for me.
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