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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/2/14

Did you have a good Christmas & New Year’s? Mine was really great, although I’m looking forward to my kiddo coming home on Saturday night! You might have noticed that the site went down Tuesday. We were hacked by some group from Turkey… Fun stuff. Not sure how they got in, but my husband worked till two in the morning to get it back up, and we’ve tightened up security even further, so hopefully we won’t have another problem. On a better note, there’s lots of great TV on tonight after the winter break. Now that temperatures have fallen again here, I’m looking forward to curling up under a blanket and watching new episodes of some fun shows. So check out our recommendations! 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

elementary12smallThe last few episodes of Elementary have been kind of sad… Sherlock had to go in front of the judge guy so the police commissioner could figure out if he should stay on as a consultant—and this was all prompted by the fact that Det. Bell was shot after Sherlock had antagonized a suspect to the point that he pulled a gun. In the end, it was Det. Bell’s words to the commissioner that kept Sherlock on the job…even though Bell isn’t feeling great toward Sherlock. I hope Bell gets full use of his hand back soon and doesn’t end up leaving the show. I’ll be very disappointed and sad if that happens.

On tonight’s episode, “The Diabolical Kind,” Holmes and Watson come face to face with Moriarty when their one-time adversary is brought in as a consultant on a kidnapping case. Meanwhile, Detective Bell continues his struggle on the road to recovery. Natalie Dormer guest stars.

See how Sherlock and Joan react to seeing Moriarty again tonight on CBS at 10:01/9:01c.
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