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Interview with Amy Davidson from The Capture of the Green River Killer

Amy Davidson as Helen

I had the opportunity to ask Amy Davidson some questions about her role as Kerry on 8 Simple Rules and her upcoming role as Helen in the Lifetime Movie Network mini series, The Capture of the Green River Killer. If you are a fan, check it out! She’s sweet, sincere and opened her heart about her tv dad John Ritter, Tom Cavanagh & her experience working with runaway teens with the charity Children of the Night.

Info from Lifetime Movie Network about the show: “For nearly 20 years, the Green River Killer haunted Washington State with a series of shocking murders. The LMN miniseries The Capture of the Green River Killer is told through the eyes of one young runaway, Helen “Hel” Remus [Davidson], whose fate, bad luck and unwise choices lead to her encounter with the notorious serial killer. Leading the hunt for the murderer is Sheriff David Reichert [played by Tom Cavanagh, Ed of Ed], who becomes so entangled in the case that he’s willing to risk his family and career to find justice for the slain girls.

Surprisingly, it’s a meeting with convicted serial killer Ted Bundy [played by James Marsters, Spike of Buffy the Vampire Slayer] that may help Reichert finally find his man, but bringing him to justice will be anything but easy. Follow this incredible true-crime tale that’s based on the book Chasing the Devil: My Twenty-Year Quest to Capture the Green River Killer by Sheriff David Reichert.”


The Green River Killer story is told through your character’s eyes. That’s a major role and a heavy, heavy story! How was that? Fun, intimidating, a bit of both?

First of all, Hel is a dream role for me… I’d been saying that I wanted to do something completely different from me. From what I’d played in the past. And this was definitely it! I don’t think I was necessarily intimidated, but I did feel the weight on my shoulders. Memorializing these girls was my number one priority so it was important to tell the story as honest as I possibly could… And I had a blast filming! One of the greatest experiences to date!

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