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If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/22/11

Another Monday closer to the end of the summer, and the last Monday I’ll spend in British Columbia. We’re almost all packed and headed east later this week. It’s going to be a long trip with two kids, especially with Pherson being so young, but I’m sure it’ll be an adventure. 🙂 Okay, enough about my life. Let’s look at what you should be watching tonight.

Megan’s Choice

MasterChef came to an end last week, but we still have Hell’s Kitchen to fulfill our kitchen competition need. I am still waiting for that witch, Elise, to go home, and frankly, it can’t happen soon enough. She annoys me as much as nails on a chalkboard—maybe even more.

On tonight’s back to back episodes (airing as a 2 hour block), the red and blue teams face off against each other, and by the end of the double episode, 2 more chefs will have been eliminated.

Tune in to FOX at 8/7c to see if they give your least favorite contestant their walking papers. Learn where to find episodes online of Hell’s Kitchen @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/26/11

Well, it’s the start of another week, and it really is going to be a great week of TV. TV is beginning to amp up in terms of how much new stuff is on, so since Kyle did such a great job last week with the Remote posts, I asked if he’d join us on a permanent basis. He accepted, so everyone welcome him back by commenting below and saying hello! Now, on to what we think you should be watching tonight!

Jenny’s Choice #1

Last week’s series premiere of Falling Skies was an instant hit for myself and my family. It was the perfect combination of action/science fiction and personal/human interest. We honestly came away from it without anything negative to say, except that we wished we could watch the next episode right away. That doesn’t happen very often. It’s because of those reasons that it is my first pick tonight. If you don’t remember what it’s about, here’s a quick recap: Set six months after an alien invasion, a group of survivors band together to form a resistance against the aliens, which have overtaken Earth. One of the leaders of the resistance is series star Noah Wyle (ER), whose wife was killed in the invasion and whose middle son was taken by the aliens. Tom is becoming friends with (and it will most likely lead into a romantic relationship with) Dr. Anne Gless, played by other series star, Moon Bloodgood (Terminator: Salvation). At the end of last week’s premiere, Tom, his oldest son, and a small group of fighters began preparing to go find Ben, the teenager captured and being held and used by the aliens.

On tonight’s episode, a doctor (guest star Steven Weber, Happy Town, Brothers & Sisters, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Wings) joins the 2nd Mass with a theory about what might save the teenagers abducted by the aliens. But the plan could be derailed when Tom starts digging for answers to questions that have haunted him since the early days of the invasion. The 2nd Mass comes face-to-face with skitters and mechs when they attempt to rescue Ben.

Get on board with this fanastic new show tonight on TNT at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Falling Skies @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/19/11

Welcome to a new, exciting week of TV! There is a lot of great stuff on, so we have a new guest poster with us. Everyone welcome Kyle, from NoReruns.net! He’s fun to follow on Twitter, which is where I met him. Now, check out what Kyle and the rest of us think you should be watching! – Jenny

Kyle’s Choice

Hi, my name is Kyle, and I watch way too much TV! As a kid, before there was such a thing as a summer season, I would anxiously await the Fall Preview TV Guide and network fall preview specials. Then I would strategically map out the VCRs around the house so I wouldn’t miss any of the new or returning shows. Not much has changed, except now I use TiVos to help me attack this usually overwhelming, year-round mass of new TV! It’s going to be very tough to limit myself to only choosing one show a night—especially with all the premieres and finales tonight and Thursday!  You can find me on Twitter at @Kyool or on my TV blog at NoReruns.net.

While I would love to see the Falling Skies premiere and to know who killed Rosie Larson on The Killing, my one pick for the night is the season finale of Game of Thrones. This show has been a great adventure and feels like a mini feature film each week. I still have a very difficult time remembering all of the characters’ names, but that has not detracted from the enjoyment. I have not read any of the books, and with last week’s shocking twist, I’m so glad that I haven’t. It is so much fun to watch this show without any knowledge of what’s going to happen!

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/12/11

Well, this week doesn’t promise to be MUCH better than the last couple in terms of how much is on, but there are some fantastic premieres happening, including a great one tonight. Megan & Lisa are recommending it, though, so I will be doing something that isn’t a premiere, but know that I recommend their pick, too! I’ve been excited for it since I saw the first promo. To see what which shows we all think you should watch, check it out below, and be sure and let us know your pick for tonight! – Jenny

Megan’s Choice

Tonight is the series premiere of The Protector on Lifetime. The show is centered on a divorced mother of two, Gloria Sheppard (Ally Walker, Sons of Anarchy, Profiler), who has to juggle her personal life with her life as a LAPD homicide detective. Gloria has two boys, Leo (Thomas Robinson, Heroes) and Nick (Sage Ryan, The Closer), who are taken care of by her younger brother Davey (Chris Payne Gilbert, Dexter, Bones). The show also stars Miguel Ferrer (Crossing Jordan, Traffic) as their boss Lieutenant Felix Valdez, and Terrell Tilford (Soul Food, One Life to Live) as police officer Ramon “Romeo” Rush. It’s a really great new series, and the first episode was fabulous.

On tonight’s premiere, LAPD Detective Gloria Sheppard and her partner, Michelle (Tisha Campbell-Martin, Rita Rocks, My Wife and Kids) investigate what looks to be a mugging gone wrong. But when Gloria uncovers evidence that links the victim to a psychic, it appears that it may have been a targeted murder. At home, Gloria’s life as a divorced mom, raising two boys with the help of her younger brother Davey, has its own challenges especially when her youngest son wants an elaborate homemade costume for his school play.

To fall in love with this new show, tune in tonight at 10/9c on Lifetime. Learn where to find episodes online of The Protector @ Clicker.

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