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Interview with Tiffani Thiessen from White Collar

I was fortunate to participate in a recent conference call with Tiffani Thiessen, to discuss her work on White Collar. She made the call so much fun and is such a nice, pleasant, and patient person…it’s like she IS Elizabeth Burke! Tiffani gave us an inside look at her character, on-screen relationships, and what’s in store for Elizabeth Burke. She also talked about her own family and experiences working on the show. It was a great time—the hour flew by way too fast!

Check out some of the great questions & answers below.
Q: Where does Elizabeth stand on the latest developments in the relationship between Neal and Peter?

Tiffani Thiessen: You know, I always try to think that she really tries to stay right in the middle. I mean, of course her first priority, and she always stands by her husband. But I’ve always thought that Elizabeth really kind of has a soft spot for Neal and sees the good in Neal probably more often than Peter’s character does.

But I think there’s definitely, the questions that are surrounding the whole you know, scenario with the treasure, I think she’s kind of in question as well and you’ll see in the episode in the finale that a lot of those answers get, I love as those questions get answered as well as some new drama unfolds with it.

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