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Top Ten Shows of 2011

Time doesn’t slow down as you get older, I’ve come to realize. It’s hard to believe we are less than two weeks from 2012. This last year was big for TV, with some fantastic new shows, as well as some great new seasons of current shows. Megan, Kyle, and I put together our Top 10 shows, including a few choices for Honorable Mentions, so let’s take a look back at 2011 and see what we’ve loved the most. And as always, thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed in, entered contests, and helped spread the word about the site. We appreciate each and every one of you! Without you, there would be no site. Have a great holiday season!

Top 10

Jenny's Choice: The Big Bang Theory
It seems odd that The Big Bang Theory is tenth on my list. But then I sat down and really thought about it, I realized I know why: Priya. Like the actress, HATED the character. I was so glad when she was finally gone. But the show still absolutely slays me each and every week, and the addition of Mayim Bialik & Melissa Rauch as series regulars alongside the boys and Kaley Cuoco is truly the smartest decision the show runners could ever have made.
Megan's Choice: Off the Map
I know this show has been canceled. I was really sad, because I enjoyed it way more than other medical dramas on the air today. The fact that it was different and the cast was enjoyable played a big part in my love. I really enjoyed how it wasn't your average hospital, and the relationship drama was also really great. Mina (Mamie Gumer), and Tommy (Zach Gilford, Friday Night Lights) were becoming an awesome couple. The way their relationship was built from friendship was so realistic. Or how Lily (Caroline Dhavernas) fell in love with Mateo (Nicholas Gonzalez) and risked her career for this bad boy. We'll never know if they worked things out or how long Ryan (Rachelle Lefevre) survived her heart problems. It pulled my heart strings and made me fall in love, and for that, it makes my top 10.
Kyle's Choice: Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
With this season (season 2) being a prequel, you would think there would be no surprises – but you would be totally wrong. This season, just like the first, was packed with loads of action, tense drama, and surprise...gruesome, deaths. They did a great job of filling in some of the blanks from the original series, but also giving us enough mystery to keep us guessing until the end. It will be interesting to see next season how things play out once we return to “present” times, with a new actor in the title role.

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